Cornerstone Transitional Housing Program

Our Resolve is to provide transitional housing, education and legal assistance to those needing help.

Cornerstone Transitional Housing will assist those who desire to get off the street and to improve their opportunities for employment.  They will transition through a series of steps to reach their goal.

The first step will be preparation to enter into Cornerstone Transitional Housing (CTH).  This time is used to explain the requirements to complete the time in CTH and answer any questions.

The next step will be the beginning of the educational and job training part of the program.  It will be a time for selecting classes the client may need and getting registered for those classes or finding job training with local merchants.

The educational training and job training will continue until the client is sufficient in the area of their training.  There will be evaluations as the client continues his/her training to determine if the chosen classes are the ones the client needs or if they need additional classes and to make the necessary changes and additions.  During this time there may be opportunities to work with other businesses for job experience.  We will assist the client in making job resumes and doing job interviews.

A court for low income and the homeless is held in the East County Superior Court for the expunging of misdemeanor tickets for the purpose of restoring of ID cards and driver license.  The client will be encouraged to attend this court to resolve any legal issues.

Counselors will be available to all clients, those still going through the program and those who have completed the program.

Bible studies and church attendance are required while in the program.